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Hawaii Theater Center

Honolulu, HI

Windy Gulch

Alcatraz Island, CA

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Power House

Alcatraz Island, CA

Nicholas Kolowich



​​​Red Barn, Miwok Riding Stables

Golden Gate NRA, CA

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Summer 2016
CPI has partnered with Pacific Historic Parks to win a $250,000 American Express grant award for preservation in National Parks. The award funds initial preservation of a Pearl Harbor Battleship Row historic mooring quays as part of the CPI Field School at Pearl Harbor. Read More

Spring 2016
CPI was approved at the first overseas Career Skills Program for the US Army. Active duty service members from any service branch may participate.

Fall 2015

Henry Freimuth, US Navy veteran and 2015 CPI Alumni, was highlighted in the RMC Research & Education Foundation 2015 Year-end Update. Read more

Participant Case Studies

Partner with us to interview our soon-to-be veteran candidates for positions across the country, at all levels from trades to management, in all areas of the industry including contracting, production, transportation, sales, and service. Our partnerships allow us to attract a new, vast candidate pool for the industry and engage them early in their military-to-civilian transition. 

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​​​We accomplish our mission for veterans, national parks, and U.S. infrastructure through the generous support of sponsors and donors. Please consider engaging with us to support the program overall, specific training locations, individual national park or other landmark projects, or special events.

12-week training program at Alcatraz Island available for this group. Click on any of the Active Duty links above. Must be at least 18 years of age.

Founding Sponsor

Contact us to engage your transitioning personnel for career training and placement in trades and management careers with companies across the U.S. CPI's SkillsBridge/Career Skills Program is unique with our nationwide employer coverage, training that simultaneously addresses a critical need in national parks, and connections to a wide variety of career options in contracting, production, transportation, sales, service, and other areas related to construction and infrastructure.

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​​​Penitentiary Roof Access

Alcatraz Island, CA

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200-250,000 service members leave the military each year, many of whom are searching for a career in the civilian world; CPI helps to decrease veteran unemployment and underemployment by working with active duty personnel early in their service-to-civilian transition 


Concrete and construction are among the world's largest industries, with employers in critical need of workforce; we partner with companies nationwide who support our programs and hire our graduates



The U.S. National Park System suffers from $12 billion in needed repairs while other public lands are perilously deteriorated; we bring industry recognized expertise and people power, and help leverage private industry contributions to address these needs 

We partner with the U.S. Departments of Defense and Interior, and with industry companies across the country who support our programs and hire our alumni. We benefit the United States and its taxpayers by combining the strengths and needs of three national concerns: our military veterans, our infrastructure, and our national parks. Helping avoid potential military-to-civilian transition pitfalls, we offer career preparation, nationwide placement, & hands-on training for transitioning active duty service members at all levels from all service branches while completing construction, repair, & safety/access projects in national parks. Current training locations are Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California, & Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, with additional locations planned; career placement assistance across the U.S. ​​​

Contact us to discuss possibilities for partnership. We bring industry-leading expertese, people-power, and other resources to complete significant new construction, structural repair, inspection & evaluation, and maintenance projects in national parks and public/landmark structures and sites that increase cultural resource longevity, visitor access, operational/visitor safety, and interpretative opportunities that educate the public and attract additional resources. 

Maria Valdez



Julio Hernandez


Alcatraz Field School Overview, 2014 - 10 minutes


Ryan White



About Alcatraz Island, 2016 - 2 minutes

Battery Chamberlin

Golden Gate NRA, CA


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Alcatraz Field School Overview, 2016 - 4 minutes

Articles & News

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