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American Society of Concrete Contractors

Decorative project at Pearl Harbor Visitor Center

Hilti - Alcatraz tool supplier

Owens Corning

CPI Pearl Harbor Field School Founding Sponsor

​​​Cooperating organizations work with with CPI on specific projects or programs and help promote CPI's Field School and Career Placement Programs


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​​​Donors have provided funding or kind-kind equipment and materials for teaching and projects, provide scholarships for individual participants, and support youth mentoring activities.

Structural Group

Bosch - Pearl Harbor tool supplier

International Concrete Repair Institute

Partnering on Quality Control Test Rental Equipment)

Pacific Historic Parks

Cooperating Organizations




CSU Chico Concrete Industry Management Patrons

Charles Pankow Foundation

Ready Mix Concrete Research & Education Foundation

American Concrete Institute Foundation


CPI Alcatraz Island Field School Founding Sponsor


Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

National Park Service

United States Department of the Interior

Partners work cooperatively with us to sustain and advance CPI and further their institutional or corporategiving objectives. Together, we engage in Training Program project development and support, youth monitoring activities, fund-raising, public relations and program promotion, participant career placement, and research and innovation related to our training sites, cultural heritage preservation, and industry advancement.

​​Sponsors actively engage with ongoing support for our Training Program and Career Placement Program with funding, expertise, and time including supporting overall sites or projects, providing executive site visits for teaching and participant mentoring, participating in program development, recruiting employees, sending mid-career employees for professional development, and supporting youth mentoring and other special activities. 

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Training & inspiring military service members, connecting them to civilian careers in concrete, construction, and infrastructure while preserving national landmarks