Structural Group

Bosch - Pearl Harbor tool supplier

International Concrete Repair Institute (partnering on Quality Control Test Rental Equipment)

Chico State Concrete Industry Management Patrons

Charles Pankow Foundation

Ready Mix Concrete Research & Education Foundation

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

US National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior.


​​Sponsors, donors, and cooperating organizations support overall landmark sites or specific projects, scholarships for individual participants, and youth mentoring activities. Donors provide one-time funding or in-kind donations while sponsors and cooperating organizations join us with ongoing support.

Contributors are invited to actively participate with executive site visits, recruitment of our participants as interns and employees, company experts serving as guest instructors, employees joining us for professional development while helping mentor our participants, and experiencing the deep fulfillment of providing opportunities for our participants as they develop into our future workforce and leaders.

Pacific Historic Parks



BASF - Alcatraz Field School Founding Sponsor

Partners work cooperatively with us to sustain and advance CPI in ways that likewise benefit their institutional or corporatemissions. Together with our partners, we engage in Field School project development and support, youth monitoring activities, fund-raising, public relations and program promotion, post-Field School placement of alumni, and research and innovation related to our host sites, cultural heritage preservation, and industry advancement.

Hilti - Alcatraz tool supplier

Owens Corning - Pearl Harbor Founding Sponsor

American Concrete Institute Foundation

Sponsors, Donors, Cooperating Organizations