Alcatraz Field School Overview, 2016 - 4 minutes

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"CPI Partners to win $250,000 American Express grant award" Summer 2016

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"Preserving Concrete on 'The Rock'" American Society of Civil Engineers
by Kevin Wilcox, June 3, 2014

"Hidden History Found Beneath Alcatraz" BBC News: Science & Environment, by Rebecca Morelle, February 26, 2014

Active duty military personnel may apply to either the Alcatraz Island or Pearl Harbor programs.
Military veterans, reservists, and other military-related personnel; college students; and other young adults over age 18 may
apply to for the Alcatraz Program.

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Alcatraz Field School Overview, 2014 - 10 minutes


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Participant Profiles

About Alcatraz Island, 2016 - 2 minutes

Our Commitment to Public Lands

Why Alcatraz and Pearl Harbor?

The concrete and construction industries are among the world’s largest industries; they support CPI and hire our participants for skilled trades and management careers. Our important landmark preservation work attracts candidates who may not otherwise have considered these industries. We encourage employers to make job offers prior to service members’ expiration terms of service so their final military move is to their job location.  For college-bound participants, our staff with university teaching/leadership backgrounds provide connections to related college programs.

Our Commitment to Lifelong Learning

lndustry Professional Development

Our Commitment to Advancement

Applied Research

​​​​​​We partner with industry and agencies for applied research that advances the craft and science of evaluation, construction, repair, and preservation. We are currently working with NASA to adapt their outer space travel Co2 reduction technology for use in the worldwide cement industry and develop ultra-durable cement for use in commercial and infrastructure concrete applications

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Maria Valdez



Nicholas Kolowich



CPI is a nationwide non-profit educational foundation, an official US military Career Skills Program for active duty, partner of industry companies who support CPI and hire active duty personnel transitioning out of the military for civilian careers at all levels - skilled trades to management - addressing new and existing structures and infrastructure, and partner of the US National Park Service (NPS) with Field Schools at Alcatraz Island, Pearl Harbor, and planned additional locations across the US that complete significant repair and deferred maintenance projects on landmark structures and public sites that may not otherwise be completed. CPI has two individual programs connected by a common thread of training and placement. The Career Placement and Field School Programs allow CPI to work with active duty service members creating interest for post-service careers in a growing and critical sector of the U.S. economy.

​​​​Video information applicable to Alcatraz Island and Pearl Harbor Field Schools

Veterans to lnfrastructure

Our Commitment to the Environment

Why Concrete?

Our Commitment to Local Communities

Youth Mentoring & Veterans Coming Home

Concrete is the second most consumed material in the world next to water. It is sustainable and long lasting but does require maintenance over time. Concrete evaluation, repair, and maintenance are relatively new fields growing in response to current needs. CPI’s directors, two of whom were named among the five most influential people in the industry by Concrete Construction magazine, are internationally recognized leaders dedicated to advancing the industry through workforce development, professional training and certification, appropriate use of technology, and emphasizing high-quality, long-term durable solutions. We teach Field School participants in the context of repair and maintenance, preparing them for careers in any area of construction so they can help our country create and maintain buildings and infrastructure.

Field School Dates & Application

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Upcoming Session Dates:

​Alcatraz lsland, San Francisco, California

     Spring 2018:          5 February - 27 April 

     Summer 2018:      29 May - 17 August

     Fall 2018:             27 August - 16 November            

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

     Spring 2018:          5 February - 27 April 
     Summer 2018:      29 May - 17 August
     Fall 2018:             24 September - 14 December    

Application deadlines​​

Application information & participant information 

Active duty military application

Veteran, student, other application 

​​​We are committed to a culture of safety every day in our work and personal lives. Field School participants and everyone involved with CPI will experience this culture and be asked to join us with their own personal and professional safety commitment.

Our Commitment to People

Personal & Job Site Safety

We positively impact communities through community service projects - military service members mentor local youth while completing improvement projects. Through our nationwide industry network, we help service members find careers in communities where they have family roots or seek to establish their civilian future.

The significance of our Field School is strengthened by leading industry subject matter experts serving as guest lecturers and the opportunities we provide for mid-career professionals to gain professional development and serve as Field School mentors. The US Army Corp of Engineers recently brought their engineers to Alcatraz for first-hand exposure to the latest developments in repair and to inspire Field School participants. 

We invite agencies, organizations, and companies to partner with us to achieve common goals. 

We invite sponsors or donors to support specific Field School sites, projects, or individual participants.

CPI Alcatraz Island Field School

Founding Sponsor

Our Commitment to Careers

Career Placement Program

As a partner of the US National Park Service, we bring needed expertise, people power, & resources to extend limited federal budgets. Our full-time, year around presence allows us to not only complete our projects, but also complete continuous stewardship and maintenance that extends the lives of major capitol investment projects completed by others. 

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Our Programs & Commitments

Our Commitment to Training

Field School Program

Partner with us to interview our Field School participants and Career Placement Program candidates for management careers, skilled trade and craft jobs, and internships.

News: Military veteran participant profile: Maria Valdez

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Field School

CPI Pearl Harbor Field School

Founding Sponsor

Our Commitment to Service

Active Duty Military Preparing for Civilian Careers

We honor their service by providing powerful, goal-oriented, safe experiences leading to solid career opportunities for active duty service members seeking job training while they complete their military service. We are dedicated to operating ahead of the veteran-to-civilian transition curve that too often results in veterans unemployed or underemployed. Our training capacity is increased by our Industry Field School that connects military service members with CPI partnering industry companies to work on building and infrastructure projects. 

​Please contact us if you would like to share our story or invite our CEO as a presenter at your conference, meeting, or event.

We complete significant structural repair, evaluation, maintenance, and new construction projects on landmark structures and sites that increase longevity, visitor access, and safety. Participants serve 12 weeks learning and earning industry certifications while completing all management and hands-on aspects of significant projects. We encourage individuals with or without experience, and/or an interest in construction, to apply and discover where they fit into the future of US construction, infrastructure, and preservation.

Training & inspiring military service members, connecting them to civilian careers in concrete, construction, and infrastructure while preserving national landmarks

Our Commitment to National Parks

Education, Preservation, & Continuous Stewardship

Recent Highlights

Summer 2016
CPI has partnered with Pacific Historic Parks to win a $250,000 American Express grant award for preservation in National Parks. The award funds initial preservation of a Pearl Harbor Battleship Row historic mooring quays as part of the CPI Field School at Pearl Harbor. Read More

Spring 2016
CPI was approved at the first overseas Career Skills Program for the US Army. Active duty service members from any service branch may participate.

Fall 2015

Henry Freimuth, US Navy veteran and 2015 CPI Alumni, was highlighted in the RMC Research & Education Foundation 2015 Year-end Update. Read more

CPI Field School locations at Alcatraz Island and Pearl Harbor, irreplaceable national cultural treasures deserving of the highest preservation investment, are unique locations in the world helping tell the powerful story of concrete’s role as a foundation of modern civilization. The original military purpose, design, and construction of their structures demonstrates long standing concrete durability that has fallen victim to deferred maintenance. Averaging over a million visitors a year at each site, the popular NPS sites face deferred maintenance issues also plaguing overall U.S. infrastructure. CPI’s high profile, publically promoted projects attract media and PR attention helping educate broad audiences about needed infrastructure resources and highlighting our responsibility to deliver on promises made to military service members and their families.   

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​Cooperating Organizations

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