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"Preserving Concrete on 'The Rock'" American Society of Civil Engineers
by Kevin Wilcox, June 3, 2014

"Hidden History Found Beneath Alcatraz" BBC News: Science & Environment, by Rebecca Morelle, February 26, 2014

We offer three 12-week sessions each year at Alcatraz Island with additional NPS locations soon to be added across the country. Session dates and deadlines are listed below. No prior experience required.

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We partner with the US National Park Service (NPS) for our Field School at Alcatraz Island and are developing additional Field School locations at other significant National Park Sites. We do not require prior experience and accept participants interested in any field - the CPI leadership, teamwork, and management skill development are applicable to any future career. Taught and mentored by leading industry and NPS experts, each field school team works together to complete a significant landmark preservation project from initial evaluation through design, construction, and historically appropriate treatments. Participants learn and perform basic construction and project management, become proficient in hands-on concrete repair and preservation, and are held accountable for individual leadership responsibilities.

Our Field School alumni share continuing bonds with their CPI teammates while continuing college and engaging in successful careers; ​CPI assists with job placement and advise on college applications

We invite partnerships with agencies, organizations, and companies to achieve common goals

Support the CPI Foundation, a specific Field School site or project, or individual participant

Field School Dates & Deadlines

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Upcoming Session Dates:


     Summer 2016:       May 31 - August 19

​                                 (Please note change: Due to            

                                      Memorial Day holiday, summer

                                      session will begin on the 31st)


​      Fall 2016:              August 29 - November 18


​Check back or call for future session dates​

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fee & stipend information, and participant requirements

Our Commitment to Service

Military Veterans

​​​We are committed to a culture of safety every day in our work and personal lives.

Field School participants and everyone involved with CPI will experience this culture and be asked to join us with their own personal and professional safety commitment.

Our Commitment to People

Personal & Job Site Safety

Field School Alumni

We believe that preservation is the ultimate act of sustainability. While concrete is inherently one of the world's most durable materials (and the most consumed material on earth next to water), our nation and the world face a critical need to sustain and extend the service life of the tremendous stock of concrete structures and infrastructure affected by time, use, and the environment. Through CPI's Field School priority and other commitments, we address this need by deploying our well-trained, passionate alumni to workforce and leadership positions, offering advancement through applied research, and by our ability to quickly convene panels of experts to address particular issues through our leadership and extensive high-level connections in the industry.

Veteran Participants interviewed by Concrete Construction Magazine

Through our partnership with the US National Park Service, we offer our Preservation Field School that focuses on education, hands-on training, and unique life experiences for post-9/11 military veterans seeking new ways to serve while gaining direction and passion for future careers. We also accept undergraduate and graduate college/university students interested in our Field School experience and working hand-in-hand with veterans. We assist our alumni transition into positions across the country in management, skilled trades, additional industry internships, and university degree programs.

We contribute to the industry and the long-term durability of structures and infrastructure by helping develop these qualified alumni, leading applied research & technology innovation, providing industry professional development, mentoring local youth, living every day with a commitment to personal and job site safety, and engaging in applied sustainability through preservation.

We are in the process of expanding our program to be able to accept active duty military personnel and opening Field Schools at additional NPS locations, please call CPI to inquire.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Why Concrete?

Professionals in industry gain new knowledge and professional development in sustaining concrete and historic preservation while offering their leadership and mentoring for Field School participants.

​​​​​​We partner with industry and agencies for field validation and applied research that advances the craft and science of construction, repair, and preservation.

​Please contact us if you would like to share or report on the CPI story

or have our Founding Director give a presentation for a conference, meeting, or event

Recruiters from any industry or profession and universities are invited to interview our Field School participants for management careers, skilled trade jobs, additional industry internships, and university degree programs


We honor their service by providing safe, meaningful experiences leading to strong career opportunities for active duty service members seeking job training while they continue their military service, and to veterans while they transition to civilian life.

Our Commitment to National Parks

Education, Preservation, & Continuous Stewardship

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Our Commitment to Advancement

Applied Research & Technological Innovation

We are committed to being a long-term, trusted partner to the US National Park Service. We do our part to help fulfill their mission with an educational focus on preservation and continuous stewardship of NPS landmark structures. We bring needed expertise, human power, and resources to extend limited federal resources.

Our Commitment to Local Communities

Youth Mentoring

Our Commitment to Lifelong Learning

Industry Professional Development

We engage locally through youth mentoring on projects that benefit National Parks and our lives​​.

Recent Highlights

Fall 2015

Henry Freimuth, US Navy veteran and 2015 CPI Alumni, was featured in the RMC Research & Education Foundation 2015 Year-end Update. Henry is a great example of a military veteran who discovered his direction for a concrete industry career as a result of his CPI experience. Read more

Summer 2015

CPI was awarded a $100,000 National Park Service Centennial Challenge Project Grantthat was matched by funds generously donated by our founding sponsor, BASF, and the Concrete Industry Management patrons.

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