Steven Aguilar

Safety Manager & Instructor

Courtney Thornton

Administrative & Recruitment Coordinator


Charles Golden

Alcatraz Program Manager & Instructor


Patrick Sparks, P.E.

Director & Engineering Advisor 

Brandon Emmons

Director of Education

Kira W. King, Esq.

Founding Director & Legal Advisor

Peter Emmons

Founding Director & Industry Advisor

Scott L. Burghardt

Director of Operations & Vice President/CFO


Tanya Wattenburg Komas, Ph.D.

Founding Director & CEO/President


The CPI staff, directors, and I are thankful for our dedicated partners in the National Park Service, the US Army, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, Pacific Historic Parks, BASF - our Alcatraz Founding Sponsor, Owens Corning - our Pearl Harbor Founding Sponsor, and all of our additional sponsors, as well as any future individuals and groups wishing to get involved with our programs. We are doing something truly special together. 

We are especially thankful for the privilege of working with the bright, enthusiastic, and dedicated young adults who join our program as participants, inspire us every day, and become our friends. Many of them will choose concrete repair, the larger concrete and construction industries, preservation, and related fields not only as their careers, but as life-long passions. Interacting with them and getting to be a part of their learning experiences  - both program related and personal - and watching as they continue on to excel in their jobs or college programs after they complete our Field School is a gift.

Please let us know if you are interested in getting involved and make plans to visit us at our field locations to experience concrete and cultural heritage like never before - through the eyes of our inspired future leaders.

Warm Regards,


Directors & Staff